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stand contrapposto in the shower
free leg busted,
engaged leg calf cut like stone
hot water touching you the way so many have
the way so few have

growing out the hair dye
growing in the sideburns

these people
as though every masculine or feminine trait
makes you more legitimate
self made
no one has ever shoved my face in a urinal and I am very pleased about this

I have worked very hard to get where I am and I am pleased about this too
Gatorade, warm, reminds me of blood
of oral sex

the salt of human sweat, replaced
by an orange-flavored beverage
my body is not a temple
nor is it a forest
or an ocean
or a waterfall

I am a person,
not a landscape
it's just a body
this post… should not have bothered me as much as it did
but sometimes you have a chronic illness or a permanent injury
and sometimes you want people to shut up
line the seven up with the light
slot the teeth into the pegs
leave slack on either side of the plastic pressor,
but pull tight when threading for sound

watch Tim or Daniel,
also a Jew,
more serious,
fasting for Yom Kippur,
turn down sticks of tropical-flavor gum

watch him pull a perfect changeover, counting seven seconds between cigarette burns aloud

no Tyler Durden penis frames spliced into this Godzilla
projecting Godzilla on 35mm film, October 4th 2014
weird day today
the 2014 Godzilla is an insensitive, semi-Orientalist abomination, but I am learning things and will soon start earning that good old $$$ for projecting movies
learning terms like "mandatory reporter,"
"full frame," "crop sensor,"
"prime lens,"
"Rest Ice Compress Elevate"

learning "self-verification"

learning "plantar fascia"

learning fucking "breathable gentle wrap"
not broke yet
still have a sprained ankle
still have a broken camera

buying a new camera
can't buy a new ankle

this is not my best poem


consolecadet's Profile Picture
United States
Sometimes, when I'm not writing prose, drawing pictures, or living, I write poetry.

Hi all,
Long time no journal (again).

A lot is going on. I'm in the midst of gender transition, which is going great, and I'm headed off to Tufts in about a week and a half.

One of the biggest things that's going on is that I'm working on a near-future science fiction short story collection. It's called 'Biophone' and I plan to put it out via Amazon CreateSpace some time in the next couple of weeks. All the writing is done, but I'm in the thick of revisions.

I’m looking for volunteers to critique bits of the collection. The bits are all between about 700 and 1500 words, and shouldn’t take more than an hour to read through and leave comments on. You don’t need to be a writer or a poet. The more eyes of varying knowledge and background I can get on this thing, the better it’ll turn out.

Your time is valuable. I’d be super grateful if you could contribute a few minutes of it to my project. 

Let me know if you’re interested by emailing me at consolecadet @ gmail . com. If you’re not interested, please consider telling your friends.

I'm more than willing to trade crit for crit.

Now: how are you all doing?

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